Hi there, I'm Susan
A freelance motion graphic designer from Ireland, based in San Francisco.
I specialize in design and animation and have over ten years of experience, creating motion graphics and illustrations for a wide range of clients, from global technology brands to ad agencies and start-ups, even television. I do everything from creating concepts and style frames, to storyboarding and animation.
I’m passionate about motion graphic design. My work is informed by my reverence for traditional graphic design and typography. I like to experiment with new styles and techniques in my spare time. My love for this industry and art-form is evident in my client work. I enjoy the challenge of taking complex subjects and bringing them to life visually, in a beautiful, digestible and imaginative way.
I’m available for remote, and on-site work. If you have a project, you’d like to collaborate on, or just want to connect, say hello.

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